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Plastic Injection Moulding

The plastic injection moulding process provides
precision products at a low cost.

High Quality

GMC Products specialises in high quality injection moulding, tool design and manufacturing.

Our company works in a number of diverse markets, offering contract moulding and manufacturing solutions. We have the resources and expertise to produce high quality limited run, or high volume long run production products with very fine tolerances. We offer you the benefits associated with using a domestic manufacturer while avoiding the risks of offshore sourcing.

A total service provision. GMC Products provides our customers with a total package,
we can take your project from the initial stages of concept to completion.
This includes discussion on the material type and colour, product weight, cycle time, assembly, packaging , labelling, freight and pricing.

For new products, we can design and closely monitor the manufacturing of the tools and run the initial trials before approving the finished tools for production runs.
In the case of existing tools, we carefully check the tools on arrival, provide a
Tool Inspection Report and set out any defects or costs involved to refurbish the tools
if required.

GMC Products operates a range of injection moulding machines from 150 to 550 ton.
We have the capacity to mould products with complex geometries and variations in wall thickness. We have the expertise to make recommendations on raw materials including  engineering, and specialty plastics.

We offer 3D printed prototypes, safety stock , just-in-time delivery, and a number of other additional support services.

Let us help you with your next project. We'll turn your ideas into achievements.

Why outsource your manufacturing requirements overseas when there are better options available locally?  

We use advanced processing equipment and can produce all sorts of plastic products from tiny components to larger, more sophisticated items.

We can manage all of your plastic injection moulding needs for your convenience and peace of mind.
We will become an asset to your company

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