‍Building the tool takes time and a great deal of accuracy. It can also represent the largest investment in the manufacturing process, so getting it right is critical to the success of a project.

If your goal is to manufacture products with a high degree of precision in large volume,
the tooling becomes even more complex.

A high quality tool built to last for years is an investment to your company.

The core metal — High volume precision tools are made from hardened steel that can withstand the pressures of a long production run while still meeting close tolerances.

Core/cavity machining — All tools must also be customized. Customization includes the placement of cores, cavities, ejectors, cooling lines, etc.

Product complexity — Just as the number of cavities plays a role in determining the cost of the tool, so does product complexity. This includes the surface finish of the final product as well as the number of undercuts required.

The tool base — The base holds all of the tool cavities, inserts and components together. The cost of the base is estimated based on the size of the tool and the type of steel used

The number of cavities — We look to maximize cavities in the tool to maintain the highest level of productivity and reduce the final product cost.

What's next after tooling?

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